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Policies & Priorities

To ensure that the Rockford Park District is meeting the recreational needs of this and succeeding generations, along with current financial realities and limited resources, the District initiated a community-led master plan process in 2018.  The Board of Commissioners used community feedback to establish the current District priorities which are to be achieved over the next five years.

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2019 Strategic Plan

This plan links the direction provided by the Priority Results to the allocation of resources, interpreting direction to staff, and providing clear, measurable achievements that will serve as evidence of organizational success.

Code of Ordinances > This document serves as a culminating record of the laws, ordinances, and regulations instituted by the Board of Commissioners that govern the use, policing of, and conduct within parks and facilities.

Clean Air Ordinance Q&A > The Clean Air Ordinance prohibits smoking entirely at Park District facilities, parks, museums, and any Park District property with the exception of public golf courses where adult smoking is permitted beyond 50 feet of enclosed/partially-enclosed spaces on golf course playing fields in the company of consenting adults and absent assembly by the general public.

Governing Policies Manual > These policies establish the Board's Priority Results to be achieved by the organization, the parameters in which the organization will operate, delegates certain responsibilities to the CEO, and name the governance processes by which the Board chooses to hold itself accountable.