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Fees & Registration

Fees & Registration

Resident Discounts

Non-residents are welcome to participate in Rockford Park District programs and services at our regular fee. Residents of the Park District will be offered a discount rate when possible for programs and services where fees are charged. A resident is defined as one who either resides, or personally owns real estate within the Rockford Park District. If your residency is in question (like newly developed neighborhoods), please bring in a copy of your tax statement for verification when registering to receive the resident discount.

Recreation Satisfaction Guaranteed! Quality Assurance Program

It is our goal to provide our customers with recreational programs, events, and activities of the very highest quality. When a customer is not satisfied, we sincerely request their comments, suggestions, or ideas for improvement.

If a customer is not completely satisfied with a recreational program, event or activity the Rockford Park District directly provides, the customer may tell us and we will arrange for one of the following options of their choice:

  • Cash refund on site (when possible, limited up to $25)

  • Refund by mail (within 2-3 weeks)

  • Refund to credit card (if payment was made by credit card)

  • Refund to Rockford Park District household account

Refund applications (Quality Assurance Forms) may be filled out in writing at the facility where the program, event, or activity is delivered, or at the Customer Service Office during regular business hours. Season pass refunds may be pro-rated, based on the date of request and the season of operation.

Payment Options

Payment is required at the time of registration. We accept cash, local personal checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card only) and debit cards on which the VISA or MasterCard logo appears. Please make checks payable to ROCKFORD PARK DISTRICT.

If your check is returned for insufficient (NSF) or uncollected funds, your account may be electronically charged or drafted for the face amount of the check, plus the additional $25 service fee. The service fee added to all returned items is $25 or the maximum allowed by state law. Your payment by check is agreement to this policy and terms. You have the right to revoke this transaction.

The Rockford Park District offers customers the budget-friendly convenience of an automated payment plan called "EZ Pay," allowing program and activity fee payments to be spread out. For this "EZ Pay" option, you must:

  • Register in person at one of our Customer Service locations and sign the EZ Pay Agreement.

  • Make a deposit payment of at least $5.00 per activity using the same debit or credit card that will be used to automatically deduct payments.

  • The program or activity total for your transaction must total $100 or more after any discounts or additional fee assistance.

For more information about "EZ Pay," call 815.987.8800.

Need Fee Assistance?

The Rockford Park District believes that youth and adults with disabilities should not be denied access to learning an important lifelong skill due to the inability to pay. Those who are eligible to participate in the Help Me Play Financial Assistance Program may receive 60% off of Rockford Park District programs and lessons.

Waiting List Policy

Some programs are quite popular and fill quickly. You may opt to register for a filled program and be placed on the Waiting List. To be placed on a Waiting List, the program registration process must be fully completed, including payment. Your position on the Waiting List is based upon when the registration is processed by the District. If the District cannot accommodate your enrollment by the second meeting of the class, your registration fee will be refunded in full. All Waiting Lists have a limited number of spots, so it is possible that the Waiting List may already be filled at the time you attempt to register.

Age Policy

Unless otherwise noted, summer recreation programs require participants to reach the minimum age by June 1, and not reach the maximum age before the conclusion of the program. Lesson programs require that participants be within the age limits of the class by the first day of the program.


Are you covered? The Park District does not carry medical or accident insurance for program participants. The cost of such insurance would make program fees prohibitive. Therefore, all persons registering either themselves or a family member under eighteen years of age for a recreation program/activity should review their own medical insurance policy for coverage. Please note that the absence of personal medical insurance coverage does not make the Rockford Park District responsible for payment of a participant's medical expenses.

Waiver and Release Forms

There is an inherent risk in participating in some recreational activities. In order to continue offering a variety of quality Park District programs, our insurance carrier requires that a waiver and release form be signed prior to participation. If a participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign. A valid signature is required on all registration and waiver and release forms before participation in a recreational program or activity can begin. Web registrations are electronically accepted/signed waivers.

Transfer Policy

Transfers are allowed up until the beginning of the first class. Transfers after a program has started must be requested through the manager of the specific program. If the transfer is to a higher priced program, the additional fee must be paid prior to the transfer. If the transfer is to a lower priced program, a credit will be issued to the household.