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Rockford Bank & Trust Pavilion Opens at Aldeen Golf Club, Thanks to Community Partners

ROCKFORD, IL – A toast to community partners investing in Aldeen Golf Club, followed by a ribbon cutting, symbolized the completion of construction for Rockford Bank & Trust Pavilion, 1868 Reid Farm Road, Rockford.

Construction began in November, 2017, to not only expand the north parking lot, but to add a 9,000-square-foot facility that holds 250 people. Indoor amenities include a full cooking kitchen and event bar, exposed rafter ceilings, large stone fireplace, huge glass windows to view the golf course to the south and west, outdoor pergola, and private brides’ room for weddings.

The Rockford Park District utilized a variety of funding opportunities to make this project happen, including $2.7 million in generous donations, a naming rights agreement, and a continued partnership with Giovanni's Restaurant & Convention Center, which already operates Graystone Grill at Aldeen Golf Club. Generous partners such as Rockford Bank & Trust (naming rights partner), Rick and Lana Engen, along with Giovanni's Restaurant & Convention Center contributed to the project.

“We would not be standing in this gorgeous and elegant facility today without the generous financial support from these community partners who invested in their Rockford Park District. We can’t thank them enough for being a part of this new addition that will bring back golf events we've lost due to not having an indoor banquet option,” said Rockford Park District Executive Director Jay Sandine.

Construction costs included kitchen and catering equipment, site work, additional parking, actual structure, and architectural design.

“We are thrilled to be a sponsor of this project; which further enhances the Rockford Park District and Aldeen Golf Club. As a community bank, we see this as an extension of our commitment to the Rockford area, and we look forward to people enjoying this space for years to come,” said Tom Budd, President and CEO of Rockford Bank & Trust.

The District receives 100% of all rental fees, and will also receive a portion of food and beverage sales.

“We are at the point where property tax revenue and golf fees will not sustain Aldeen Golf Club at the same level of service. This is an example of how the District can bring in new revenue and reduce dependency on taxes, as money generated from Rockford Bank & Trust Pavilion will be reinvested into Aldeen Golf Club,” said Rockford Park District Executive Director Jay Sandine.

Giovanni’s will operate, book events, and promote rental opportunities at Rockford Bank & Trust Pavilion. For any additional rental needs, contact Molly or Cortney at 815-398-6411.

Mike Costello