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Webbs Norman Center Lighting Upgrades

Earlier this spring, Rockford Park District electricians completed energy efficiency lighting upgrades throughout the Webbs Norman Center. The upgrades were made possible by ComEd’s energy efficiency programs. Rockford Park District continues to look for ways to be responsible stewards of tax dollars. The payback on this investment will be complete within two years.


Economic: The lighting upgrades came at a material cost of $33,706, but ComEd’s instant rebates covered $12,601 of that total, leaving a net cost of $21,105 to the Park District. The new light fixtures use significantly less energy than the previous fixtures, which will reduce future utility bills. The energy cost savings is estimated at $7,247, with an additional $3,780 in reduced maintenance savings, totaling $11,027 in savings per year.


Environmental: The upgrades will save 198,558 kilowatt hours of energy per year. That total is equivalent to reducing RPD’s carbon footprint by 140 metric tons, which is equivalent to removing 30 passenger vehicles from the road or preventing 153,500 pounds of coal from being burned.


Feel free to visit ComEd’s website for more information on how you can complete energy efficiency upgrades at your home.

Mike Costello