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Arts & Leisure (TR)

Get in touch with your artistic side! Channel your inner artist to develop your artistic skills and overall independence. Artists will be able to share their talents with the community, and possibly even make a little cash on the side.



Although it’ll start to cool down, we’re still digging in! thanks to uor awesome gardeners, we’ll have a beautiful vegetable garden to care for and maintain in the fall. we will clean up the garden, plant some seeds and bulbs, and prepare the garden to ensure beautiful blooms in the spring. We will even make some snacks and crafts, and sample home grown goodness!

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Green Thumb Gardening

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and it’s time to dig in! We’ll add our own personal touches to the Linda K. White Center by planting flowers and vegetables. After we’re done planting, we’ll help maintain our landscape designs and make some crafts for our gardens at home.

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Edible Creations

Calling all chefs! Would you like to learn to cook and increase independence in the kitchen? The menus are simple and delicious. We will work on our cooking and safety skills, and knowledge of healthy foods.

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Project Art: Open Studio

Open studio is an ideal program for artists that are looking for a creative environment to work independently on their own artwork. Staff artists will assist with developing artistic skills, content, and professionalism. Artists should have participated in our skills classes, or demonstrate the ability to work independently on their own artwork. Basic supplies are provided, and artists are encouraged to bring additional supplies of their liking. Artists will have the opportunity to sell their artwork - proceeds will be split 50/50 between the artist and the program.

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Project art: Skills Class

Do you like to hang out with your friends while being creative? If so, then come join us in our skills class to learn about famous artists and create your own masterpieces inspired by their works.

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