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We welcome the opportunity to assist guests with disabilities to enjoy ALL our facilities, programs, and services. For assistance and information on accessibility, contact the Therapeutic Recreation Team at 815-987-8800, or indicate your disability-related need on your registration form.


Parks with Accessible Swings:

  • Beattie Playground

  • Beyer School Park

  • Booker Park

  • Brookview School Park

  • Churchill Park

  • Evergreen School Park

  • Harlem Community Skatepark

  • Highland Park

  • Mariposa Park (pictured right)

  • Martin Park

  • Mulford Crest Park

  • Vandercook School Park

  • Wantz Park

  • Washington Park Community Center

Accessibility Grievance Process

The Rockford Park District is a public entity as defined under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits the District from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in all programs, activities, and services. The Rockford Park District is committed to complying with all applicable provisions of Title II as well as all other federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities.

Any person or authorized representative who believes that the Rockford Park District has discriminated against them based on their disability by denying access to its programs and services, may file a formal grievance with the Rockford Park District's ADA Compliance Officer. For more information, please visit or submit your concern in writing within 30 days to: 

John Beck
Rockford Park District
401 S. Main St. 
Rockford, Illinois 61101

Sign Language Interpreter

Patrons who require the assistance of a sign language interpreter may contact Customer Service at 815.987.8800 or e-mail us. A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is needed.