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Multi-Use Trail System

Anna Page Park Trails

Open in Fall 2012, Page Park trails means one mile of new trails for mountain bike use, and an additional 1,170 feet of new equestrian trails. The new trail concept complements existing equestrian trail activities, and encompasses five miles of connecting trails winding through two parks, Anna Page Park and Lockwood Park.



Stroll, walk, jog, run, pedal, roll, or skate your way to healthy exercise on any of the area's many recreation paths. Maps of the paths in Winnebago County are available at Rockford Park District and Winnebago County Forest Preserve facilities, public libraries and area bike shops.

Major Paths

Cherry Valley Path
1.43-mile path
Between Swanson Pkwy. and Valley Woods Dr. in Cherry Valley

Mel Anderson Memorial Path
3.0-mile path
Along Kent Creek between Talcott-Page and Lockwood parks

Mercyhealth Sportscore Two Path
0.59-mile path
Connects Mercyhealth Sportscore Two to the northeast branch YMCA and Rivets Stadium

Rock River Recreation Path
10.0-mile path
Rock River north from Davis Park to Machesney Park Mall area

Major Paths in Neighborhood Parks

The following park paths are in residential areas, so please be courteous if parking along the street.

  • Dahlquist Park – 0.43-mile walking path
  • Landstrom Park – 0.75-mile paved path
  • Brown Park – 0.5-mile paved path
  • Wantz Park – 0.5-mile path
  • Mulford Crest Park – 0.46-mile paved path
  • Levings Park – 1.3-mile paved roadway
  • Haight Park – 0.32-mile path
  • Midway Village Museum Loop – 1.4-mile path off Guilford Rd.

Partner Paths

The Rockford Park District is also a partner in other paths, many of which are part of the 525-mile Grand Illinois Trail.

  • Perryville Path – 14.9-mile path following Perryville north from Home Depot to Rock Cut State Park
  • Charles Street Community Path – 1.7-mile path on the south side of Charles Street between Quentin Dr. and Perryville Rd.
  • Willow Creek Path – 1.57-mile path along Willow Creek connecting Harlem High School and Rock Cut State Park
  • Rock Cut Path – 1.25-mile path extends Perryville Rd. to the Pierce Lake Dam; continues east for 2.3 miles on park roads to Olson Beach

Path Etiquette

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the paths, please follow these simple rules of common courtesy:

  1. Slower traffic should stay to the right. Pass only on the left, and only when your line of vision is unrestricted.
  2. Please leave room on the path for others to pass. Single file is the best procedure for groups of people on busy days.
  3. If you walk your dog on a path, keep it on a short leash at all times. Always clean up after your dog. Some preserves and nature areas prohibit dogs, so check regulations.
  4. Please use the trash and recycle bins - don't litter.
  5. Bicyclists should always ride on the right-hand side of the path except when passing on the left from behind. A polite call of "passing on your left" can help warn others of your approach.
  6. Bicyclists should always ride under control and watch their speed.