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Help Me Play Fee Assistance

Help Me Play

Help Me Play: Fee Assistance Program

The Rockford Park District believes that youth should not be denied access to learning an important lifelong skill due to the inability to pay. Those who are eligible to participate in the Help Me Play Financial Assistance Program (HMP) may receive 55% off of Rockford Park District programs and lessons. Below is a list of the eligibility requirements for the Help Me Play program. Adult with disabilities are eligible for 55% off Therapeutic Recreation programs and lessons. Contact Customer Experience at 815.987.8800 for more information.

Help Me Play Eligibility Guidelines (must meet all requirements)

1. Apply in person at a Rockford Park District Customer Service location and complete the HMP Application Form.

2. Be a resident of Rockford

  • Rockford Park District residents need to provide a photo ID. If you feel you are a resident but your ID does indicate this, you may bring in property tax information to verify proof of residency.

3. Provide proof of guardianship

  • This can be done by showing one of the following items: Medical Card, birth certificate, student record, or Income tax statement. NOTE: Proof of Guardianship is not needed for adult applicants unless using guardian income.

4. Provide proof of financial need. Below are examples of required documentation:

  • One month’s worth of pay check stubs, or income tax statement.

  • Link approval letter (must be currently receiving Link/Snap benefits)

Help Me Play Ticket Packet for Tots & Youth

TOT PACKET (ages 1–2) $20 / valued at $101


  • 6 Alpine Pool admissions

  • 8 Sapora Playworld admissions

  • 4 Lockwood Park pony or wagon ride tickets

  • 2 Lockwood Park animal feed tickets

  • 2 Snow Park at Alpine Hills admissions

YOUTH PACKET (ages 3–18) $35 / valued at $187


  • 6 Alpine Pool admissions

  • 6 Sapora Playworld admissions

  • 2 Nicholas Conservatory admissions

  • 2 rounds of golf at Ingersoll Learning Links

  • 2 small buckets of golf balls at Elliot or Ingersoll

  • 4 public ice skating admissions

  • 4 Lockwood Park pony or wagon ride tickets

  • 4 Forest City Queen public tour tickets

  • 2 Lockwood Park animal feed tickets

  • 2 Snow Park at Alpine Hills admissions

Admission to Adventure

The Rockford Park District is thrilled to offer new adventures. Through the “Admission to Adventure” program, reduced rates are offered to eligible Help Me Play participants.

Which adventure do you want to try?

  • ZIPLINE at ZIP ROCKFORD, inside Alpine Hills Adventure Park for $5 (2 zips and a bridge experience) or $29 for a full zip experience

  • WAKEBOARDING at WEST ROCK WAKE PARK inside Levings Park for $5 youth