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FOIA Requests

Freedom of Information Act 

The Rockford Park District complies with the intent and spirit of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the principal Illinois statutory enactment governing the inspection of public records.

The FOIA provides access to all "agency records", except those which are specifically exempted within the Act. Exemptions are listed in Section 7 of the FOIA. Further, the FOIA permits "any person" to request access agency records.

A person can request public records in person, on the telephone or in a written letter. When requesting information in person, a "Freedom of Information Request" form needs to be completed by the person requesting the information. In the case of a request over the telephone, the Freedom of Information Officer for the District will complete the FOIA request form, forward a copy to the person making the request, and keep the required copy on file. When making a written request, be as specific as you can regarding the information you are requesting and be sure to include a phone number and return address. All requests should be directed to the Rockford Park District, Freedom of Information Officer.

The FOIA states that requests be responded to within five (5) business days. However, the FOIA Officer may request an extension if the information requested will take longer to assemble. Also, the District may charge a minimal fee for reproduction of materials.

The Rockford Park District Freedom of Information Officer, Rose Rostamo, can be reached by telephone at 815-987-1595 or in writing at 401 S. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61101-1321. You can also click the link below, save the form to your computer, complete it, and then click on the e-mail button in the top right corner to send it to our office to be processed.