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Levings Park

Levings Park

Water Quality Improvement Project

The Rockford Park District recently received a grant to prepare a water quality improvement plan for the South Fork Kent Creek watershed – a 7,400-acre watershed located west of the Rock River. The grant award is from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Financial Assistance Program. The program provides grant funds for projects that prevent, eliminate, or reduce water quality impairments caused by nonpoint source pollution.

The Park District has hired Olson Ecological Solutions to facilitate the project and prepare the plan. Olson Ecological Solutions is an ecological consulting and planning service specializing in wetlands and the water quality of streams and lakes.

We would like to invite you to attend the next meeting to set preliminary goals for the watershed plan, establish a success statement, and review a data compilation of the watershed’s natural resources. Please share this invitation with your neighbors. Join us on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the boardroom of the Webbs Norman Center, 401 South Main Street, Rockford, IL. 

Water quality improvements must prevent phosphorous and sediment from entering Levings Lake from upstream sources, and treat phosphorous and sediment already circulating within the lake. If nothing is done, nuisance algae blooms will be a problem, sediment will build, and the fish habitat will suffer.  Over the years, the Park District has worked to improve the water quality utilizing the following:

BioHaven® Floating Islands – 20 floating islands are in place, and the District would like to add 31 more to help maintain water quality by acting as floating wetlands to clean the lake water of excessive nutrients, and provide fish habitat in an area of the lake where very little exists. BioHaven® Floating Islands help repair ecosystems by accelerating the natural recovery processes. BioHaven® Floating Islands will create a long-term solution to the buildup of sedimentation, and will reduce future costs of dredging the lake.

Filter Strips – vegetated filter strips have been planted along the edge of the lake to filter stormwater runoff that sheet over parklands into the lake, control erosion, and deter resident geese.

Wildflower Plantings – 7,681 wildflowers were planted last fall at Levings Park to help slow down future flood waters and also help with filtration as the water passes into the lake.

Feel free to contact Tom Lind of the Rockford Park District at 815-987-1649 or, or Rebecca Olson of Olson Ecological Solutions at 815-985-2689 or with any additional questions or comments.

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