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Eagle Eye Watch Program

Eagle Eye Watch Program


The Rockford Park District Police are asking residents who live around a neighborhood park to keep an eye on activities and report any suspicious activity at once. Be alert and report vandalism, safety hazards, fires, crime, and undesirable activities occurring in your neighborhood park.
You are asked to be our eyes and ears, take responsibility for your own and your neighbors' security, and know and work with the Park Police to protect your neighborhood, your parks, and most important - your children!

With everyone watching, vandalism and criminal activities won't stand a chance in our parks! We encourage you to participate, and we'd be happy to meet with you or your neighborhood association to talk about what to look for and how you can help.

What to look for...

All that is needed are your eyes, your ears, a little of your time, and a lot of caring about the well being of your park.

Criminals are aware of those areas being watched by people taking an active role in a crime prevention program, such as Eagle Eye Park Watch. These criminals knowing that residents are alert and willing to report their activities to the police are less likely to operate in these areas. Together, we can drive undesirable activities out of our parks.

Sex Offenders and Child Predators

Sex offenders and child predators know where to find children to victimize, often children are playing unsupervised at their neighborhood park. Most children, while playing, are not aware of the dangers around them. It is up to us to recognize and report all suspicious persons and vehicles hanging around children in teh parks. Don't be afraid to report anything that doesn't "look right" to you - your instincts are usually right. The Park Police would rather check out the "wrong" person than to have to tell a parent their child is missing.

Vehicle Burglaries

Remember, when you park your vehicle, put valuables in the trunk and lock your doors!

Burglary to vehicles is the most frequent property crime in the parks. Watch for people "hanging around" parking lots looking into vehicles.


Vandalism is another high incident crime. When park property is damaged, it is your tax dollars that pay for the repairs or to replace the damaged items. It is important that all acts of vandalism be reported immediately to the Park Police. Watch for things like buildings and signs being spray-painted, trash dumping, vehicles being driven on the grass, and windows or doors being damaged. We'd like to have gang graffiti removed within a day.

Gang-Related Concerns

Contact Officer Jose Olivencia and Officer Jason Parada at 815.987.8874.

Drug and Liquor Violations

The illegal use of liquor and drugs hurts everyone. Whenever you suspect the illegal use of drugs or any use of liquor, report it immediately to the Park Police.

Other things to watch for:

  • Fires
  • Fighting or harassment
  • Misuse of playground equipment
  • Broken and unsafe equipment
  • Loose dogs in the park
  • Littering or garbage dumping
  • Violation of park closing hours

Crime Reporting

Report the crime immediately! - Just a five minute delay means the chances of catching the perpetrator drops by almost half.

  • Keep calm
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Give a complete description of the suspect
  • Give a complete description of the vehicle (make, model, license plate)
  • Do not hang up the phone until told to do so

When describing a person, try to remember the following facts:

  • Male or Female
  • Race
  • Clothing
  • Approximate Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Unusual characteristics
  • Weapon involved
  • Which direction he/she went