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Path Etiquette

Path Etiquette

Rockford Park District police enforce rules of common courtesy to be used on all Rockford Park District paths and trails. These rules are designed for the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the paths and trails.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the paths, please follow these simple rules of common courtesy:

  1. Slower traffic should stay to the right. Pass only on the left, and only when your line of vision is unrestricted.

  2. Please leave room on the path for others to pass. Single file is the best procedure for groups of people on busy days.

  3. If you walk your dog on a path, keep it on a short leash at all times. Always clean up after your dog. Some preserves and nature areas prohibit dogs, so check regulations.

  4. Please use the trash and recycle bins - don't litter.

  5. Bicyclists should always ride on the right-hand side of the path except when passing on the left from behind. A polite call of "passing on your left" can help warn others of your approach.

  6. Bicyclists should always ride under control and watch their speed.