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Snowmobile Trails

Snowmobile Trails


Many families love to gas up their snowmobiles and ride the trails in the snowy conditions. The Rockford Park District allows riders on the snowmobile trails at Lockwood Park, Searls Park, and Anna Page Park on designated trails. Trailside Centre at Lockwood Park has restroom facilities available. Trailer parking is also available at Lockwood Park.

The Rockford Park District makes the decision to open or close the trails when there is four or more inches of snow on the trails. Get the latest updates on our Rainout Line. Snowmobile season is from December 10 to March 15.

The trails at Lockwood and Searls Parks connect to the Tri-County trail system, which in turn connect to trails throughout northern Illinois and into Wisconsin.

Use the trails right here at your doorstep to enjoy a hour long ride through the parks or take a day trip to enjoy the rural scenery and to visit the many surrounding small towns via the extensive trail network. The choice is yours.

Click here for more local snowmobile information from the Tri-County Trail Alliance.


Snowmobile Safety/Patrols

All 150 miles of marked snowmobile trails in Winnebago County are patrolled by the Rockford Park District Police Department. Current Illinois registration stickers or out of state trail passes are required on all sleds.

The Rockford Park District Police Department wants to remind the public to act responsibly while riding, to prevent avoidable accidents and serious injuries. Illinois state law requires that a person at least 12 years of age, and less than 16 years of age, or any unlicensed driver, must have in their possession a valid Snowmobile Safety Education Certificate of Competency issued by IDNR in order to operate a snowmobile.

Click here for additional snowmobile safety information and links to online snowmobile safety classes from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.